Kiwi Pub Quiz Company

The Kiwi Pub Quiz Company

Welcome to our site.  Here at the Kiwi Pub Quiz Company we wanted to make setting up and running a weekly pub quiz, quick, easy and affordable for any venue wanting to fill a quiet night.

But why run a pub quiz?
A pub quiz appeals to people of all ages, from young to old, and creates a reason for your customers to come back to your bar – week after week.
As a promotion a pub quiz is very easy to run. Once your’ve run one, you’ve run a hundred. A pub quiz is highly cost effective, easy to run and loads of fun.

Why Choose a quiz pack from the Kiwi Pub Quiz Company?

  • You have total control. No contracts. Get the packs that you want, when you want them.
  • You deal with quiz writers from New Zealand who live in New Zealand with over 10 years experience in writing interesting and entertaining questions.
  • You get high quality, well thought-out, professionally presented pub quiz packs, including a powerpoint presentation ready to go.

What We Provide For You

  • Weekly quiz packs at a cost effective price, ony $37 including GST.
  • A complete game pack with instructions, picture rounds, trivia questions, hand out rounds, a Baffler round, booklets, score cards, powerpoint presentation.
  • Packs are supplied immediately by digital download, you just print it out.
  • All the information you need to setup, promote and run your pub quiz.
  • Fresh, ever-changing categories to keep your patrons coming back.
  • Ongoing support and advice – whenever you need it.